My favorite Tools

I always get questions: what blades do you use, and what kind of saw do you have?


I use Flying Dutchman blades. I suggest you get the variety pack if you are new to them. Let’s get an idea of what blade sizes are your favorite. I tend to use spiral blades more than straight ones. My favorite sizes are 3/0 and 2/0 shop spiral blades. Shop spiral blades

Now let’s talk straight blades. Once again, I love my flying Dutchman blades. I use the ultra reverse tooth blade. Click here to shop blades?Shop blades

Scroll saw

I recently upgraded my scroll saw from a Delta to a Seyco. The Seyco scroll saw has a big tabletop, no vibrations, and top-notch customer service. The difference between the Seyco and my previous 21-inch Delta 40-694 is significant. However, I started sawing on a Ryobi and soon upgraded to the Delta, which was an excellent saw, just not comparable to my Seyco. The Delta is the way to go if you’re starting. Click here to view my Seyco Scroll Saw.

I will add my favorite tools and tips I have learned as we go! So check back regularly.

Pattern Making / Reviews of the Wacom One and Surface 2 Go Tablet

I am currently learning the art of pattern making, and I started with the Wacom ONE, a digital drawing tablet with a screen. The 13.3-inch graphics display is perfect for beginners in art and animation. The setup was relatively easy, and I was happy it had a screen to see what I was drawing, unlike other Wacom tablets. The pen glides smoothly, and the large screen is a plus. However, the downside was that it had to be hooked up to a computer, and since I didn’t have a laptop then, I could only draw on my desktop. This was a bummer because I enjoyed making patterns in bed before falling asleep, so the mobility part was challenging. Overall, the tablet’s performance is excellent for beginners who don’t mind being stuck to a computer.

I still have my Wacom hooked up to my desktop, and if I want to make any patterns while I am in the room with my desktop, I still use the Wacom One to do so.
After mobility was an issue for me, I went out and bought a Surface 2 go! It is New Microsoft Surface Go 2 – 10.5″ Touch-Screen – Intel Pentium – 4GB Memory – 64GB – Wifi – Platinum. I can create anywhere it’s super lightweight, and It has a flexible flip-out stand that allows me to angle it anyway I want for great drawing. The pen glides like a dream. It is more of a tablet than just a drawing tablet. It is its computer. Unlike the Wacom mirrors what is on your computer screen. The screen is smaller than Wacom, but the picture’s quality is better, so that doesn’t bother me so much. They are both close to the same price range, so I would go with the surface two go over the Wacom because I can do my work anywhere. The price points are identical.

Currently, I use Photoshop and Silhouette Studio to create my patterns. Once I have designed my patterns, I use Rapid Resizer to adjust their size for cutting. I’m thrilled to learn that Rapid Resizer is launching a new design platform soon, which I am eager to try. Currently, I also use Rapid Resizer to trace images.

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